Horse Boarding

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Luxury for your horse:

 * Oversized Stalls in a well ventilated Oak barn 

 * Open style barn with Fans for excellent air circulation

 * Automatic stall watering system in each stall for constant water supply

 * cushy rubber stall matting

 * GRASS pasture with shade shelters

 * Free use of Horse showering stall  

 * Large GGT arena with the best footing available for your horse 

 * Solid oak round pen with outward bevel for the best safety 


Luxury for you:

 * Free Use of GGT Arena & Round Pen   

 * Free Wifi  
 * Laundry washer and dryer available (fee applies)

 * Several Boarding options as listed below

 * On site equine expert for all levels in many disciplines, including English and Western pleasure,

    working equitation and dressage

 * Regulation dressage GGT arena and working equitation course 

 * Discounted lesson rate with boarding


Washing stall for Horses - and dog show participants!


Shade shelters


Open airy stalls


Grass paddocks


Regulation dressage GGT arena


Large outward beveled round pen


Horse Boarding Options and Rates:

Boarding Rates for Less than a month

Nightly rates for pasture board (add $3/night for stall board):

3-4 weeks: $12/night 

2-3 weeks: $17/night 

1-2 weeks: $27/night

6 nights or less: $42/night


Boarding Rates for Greater than a month:

*Nov- April: add $112 to each 4 week pay period.

*The payment is due for each upcoming 4 week period in advance.

1. Grass pasture board with shade shelters- DIY:  $252 ($9/night)
*Horse Owner provides and administers feed, and hay when needed in the winter months.

*For your convenience, quality hay is available on site for a competitive purchase price.  On site storage of your hay and feed is also available.

Include hay, feed and supplement administration to your pasture board for random times or long term for an additional $3/feeding (up to 3 times daily)


2. Stall and grass pasture board with shade shelter- DIY: $336 ($12/night) 

* Horse Owner mucks stall, performs pasture turn-out as desired, and provides and administers feed, supplements and hay - when needed in the winter months.

*For your convenience, quality hay is available on site for a competitive purchase price. On site storage of your hay and feed is also available.

Include hay, feed, supplement administration for $3 per time (up to 3 times daily) and/or stall mucking, and turn-out for $5 per time (up to 3 times daily).  Both services can be added random times when needed (we are usually available) and also as a long term arrangement.

3. Stall and Grass Pasture Board AND all hay and feed is included and administered:

Please inquire for seasonal rates

Let us pamper and provide for your horse inside and outside of the barn, and you can be 100% focused on enjoying your horse.  Spend only quality time when you visit your horse and let us take care of the rest!   This includes hay, feed, administering any desired supplements, all stall maintenance, pasture turn-out, and monitoring of the well-being of your horse by equine expert, Jennifer L. Schuck.  Jennifer L. Schuck has trained more than 1500 horses and riders in her 35+ year equine career!

* Your horse will enjoy a 12x12 cushioned floor stall with soft, fine pine shavings, cushy matt, quality orchard hay, and customized grass pasture turnout.  

* Our equine expert assesses throughout the day the best environment for your horse-in the barn or in the grass pasture. Your horse will get "the best of both worlds". you will get 100% quality riding or training time with your horse knowing that its day to day needs, health and wellness are being monitored. 

For all of the above options:

1. ala carte additions offered: whether set days of the week or random days as they occur.  

* $3 per feeding provided for your horse 1-3x daily. 

* $5 for stall mucking and if desired horse turn-out or in.

* $5 to hold your horse for a farrier or vet visit. 

* $16/bale of quality 55 pound 2nd cut orchard Timothy hay can be delivered to your pallet weekly.

* $2.25/3 cu ft. fine pine shavings can be delivered to your pallet weekly.

2. Boarding Complimentary services:

Free use of the large regulation dressage GGT arena is included - the best footing you can have for your horse.

* Free use of the working equitation course.

* Free use of the large beveled oak round pen. 

* On-site storage of hay and feed is available.

Services and supplies for Non Boarders 

1. Services:  $25/hour 

*Enjoy the regulation sized professional dressage arena and know your horse is getting the safest footing with GGT technology.   

*Enjoy the large outward beveled round pen Rental for optimal safety for you and your horse.

* Use our working equitation course, which is available for group events also- please inquire.

2. Supplies:  $17/bale of quality 55# 2nd cut orchard Timothy hay

You are welcome to visit for a tour - you and your horse will love it at Diamond Oaks Farm!  Board your horse for an over-night stop or more - or during your lodging stay here - come for the winter with your horse!   Pasture horse boarding facilities and stalls for rent include automatic watering systems, open airy barn with fans, shade shelters and more. We offer competitive costs and prices. We are near the Ocala Horse Show if stables are needed, and can provide WEC stabling as it is only 20 minutes away. This is the best of the horse boarding farms in ocala florida! 

This is the best of the Ocala Florida horse farms for ranch vacations! Stay and ride -children age 2 and up ride! We have full RV hookup campsites and pet friendly lodging in king hotel suite (spa shower, deep tub, deck), accommodation for 6 in the home,  and RV rentals and full hookup and tent campsites. This ranch offers pasture horse boarding and stall facilities. Being on the horse farm is therapeutic!  We offer discounts for horseback riding trail rides and lessons for lodging guests and kids ages 2-16, and horse country carriage ride tours.  There are lots of things to do on the farm and nearby with Silver Springs Ocala National Forest 15 minutes away, and Gainesville, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Disney World all 1-2 hours away.  We offer a serene environment for WEC lodging and horse board - add more to your experience for less cost - WEC is only 20 minutes away. Ocala Florida is great for a vacation, holiday, or weekend get-away!