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About Jennifer L. Schuck

About the Horse facilities at the Farm


Horse Activities/Disciplines/ Ages:

  • Horseback riding

  • Riding lessons

  • Working equitation course and clinics

  • Carriage driving lessons

  • Carriage rides

  • Horse grooming  

  • Horse boarding

  • On-site professional riding coach dressage Pre- St George expert

  • Kids 2+ and adults ride! 

  • Beginners to fellow professionals 

  • Lessons: dressage, cowboy dressage, working equitation, Western and English riding, carriage driving.

The Equine facilities:

*Large 60'oak training beveled round pen


*Large fenced-in GGT footing professional regulation sized dressage arena

Working Equitation Course

*14 comfortable roomy stalls in a classic Floridian shed-row airy barn (12x12 or 12x24). Cushy rubber mats and finely ground pine shavings

Some stalls offered with run in paddocks

*Large turn out paddocks for grazing

Horse Boarding

Grass pasture, stall or both. DIY cares to full board with quality hay and feed

 and personal attention to your horse's individual needs. 

Orchard Hay is available at a competitive price

We Also offer nightly layovers (horse hotel) when space is available.

...And the Equine Expert On-Site:



Career Horse Trainer & Instructor
Inspired Learning"

Jennifer has been teaching clients and horses for over 35 years, and is a multi-discipline equestrian (dressage and eventing are most prominent in her career). 

-I use a biomechanics technique (the Mary Wanless “Ride With Your Mind” system), and have been participating in Mary Wanless “Train the Trainer” programs and have hosted her clinics at my Minnesota farm and then Diamond Oaks Farm in Florida for over 15 years.

- I practice balance and communication to build trust and understanding between horse and rider. 

- I focus on bringing awareness of body alignment and weighting to create balance and harmony between the horse and rider.

- I am a horse advocate with respect and kindness towards the horse paramount, not at discord with the rider having to be firm and assert themselves in the training of the horse.

- I have trained over 1500 horses and riders.

- I have been given horses to train as a last resort for others that have considered the horse to be “untrainable” and turned the horse into a well-trained, calm and stable performer.

Sargon Interagro owned by Louise Turkula
Duke and Earl are pretty smart..jpg
hunter pace 736480786_n.jpg


What is Jen's teaching breadth and style?

My primary focus is relationship building and having FUN.

I work in a gentle patient style to build trust and confidence in my students and horses.

  • I enjoy giving students experiences they have never had before, trail rides to state or national parks, working cattle, cattle drives, schooling horse shows, recognized horse shows, carriage rides, ‘adventure road trips’, etc.

  • I am experienced in dressage through the I1, eventing through preliminary, show jumping, gymnastic training including cavaletti exercises, carriage driving singles and pairs, western dressage, ranch horse riding, trail riding, and obstacles. I have also recently added Cowboy Dressage to my portfolio. 

  • I want to give my students and clients the skills to make them confident to do

whatever they want with their horse and never question it in their mind.



"I enjoy working with people and help them understand and build a positive and meaningful relationship with their horse. I have great admiration for my students and take pleasure in watching their skill and confidence grow."

This is the best of the Ocala Florida horse farms for dude ranch vacations! Stay and ride -children age 2 and up ride! We have full RV hookup campsites and pet friendly lodging in king hotel suite (spa shower, deep tub, deck), accommodation for 6 in the home,  and RV rentals and full hookup and tent campsites. This ranch offers pasture horse boarding and stall facilities. Being on the horse farm is therapeutic!  We offer discounts for horseback riding trail rides and lessons for lodging guests!  We offer horse country carriage ride tours.  There are lots of things to do on the farm and nearby with Silver Springs Ocala National Forest 20 minutes away, and Gainesville, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Disney World all 1-2 hours away.  We offer a serene environment for WEC lodging and horse board - add more to your experience for less cost - WEC is only 25 minutes away. Ocala Florida is great for a vacation, holiday, or weekend get-away!  

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