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Ocala Horse Boarding - Near Florida Horse Parks

Horse Boarding
Pasture and stall Horse Boarding near Hwy75. Come Meet us!
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Arena an Round Pen Rental

Why Horse Boarding your horse at Diamond Oaks Farm in Ocala Florida?

Horse boarding Ocala Florida near Hwy 75. Come meet us and tour the facilities!
Pasture and stalls Horse Boarding stables Ocala Florida with shade shelters and green pastures

Shade shelters

Horse Boarding Ocala Florida Stables at Diamond Oaks Farm on 25 acres

Open airy stalls

Horse Hotel and RV hookup sites and lodging at

Grass paddocks

Washing stalls for Horses  (and dog show participants love this!)

Regulation dressage GGT arena

Horseback riding lessons lodging and horse boarding Ocala Florida Horse Farm
Pasture and stall Horse Boarding near Hwy75. Come Meet us and tour the 25 acre gorgeous horse farm.

  Round Pen

Ocala FL Horse Boarding with Dressage Arena by Hwy 75. Come meet us and tour!

Quality Experience for your Horse:

 * 12 x 12 foot stalls in a well ventilated barn with turn-out or full pasture board available

 * Open style barn with fans for excellent air circulation

 * Automatic stall watering system in each stall for constant water supply

 * cushy rubber stall matting

 * soft, pine stall shavings

 * GRASS pasture with shade shelters

 * Free use of Horse showering wash stall  

 * Large GGT arena with the best footing available for your horse 

Quality Experience for You:

 * Free Use of the large regulation dressage GGT footing sand arena and the round pen   

 * Free Wi-fi  

 * Several horse boarding and "a la carte" menu boarding options to customize your experience

 * Free use of the regulation working equitation course 

 * Discounted lesson and trailered excursion rate with boarding

 * On-site storage of hay and feed is available 

 * Horse holding services available as needed for farrier or vet visits ($5 fee)

 * On site equine expert for all levels in many disciplines, including English and Western pleasure,

    working equitation and dressage

You are welcome to visit for a tour - you and your horse will love it at Diamond Oaks Farm!  Board your horse for an over-night horse hotel stop with RV hookups and hotel suite, home and RV accommodations available for you as well.  Bring your horse with you for a dude ranch vacation or come for the winter with your horse!   Pasture horse boarding facilities and stalls for rent include automatic watering systems, open airy barn with fans, shade shelters and more. We offer competitive costs and prices. This is the best of the Ocala Florida horse farms.  We offer a serene environment for WEC lodging and horse boarding - add more to your experience for less cost. We are near the Ocala Horse Show if stables are needed and can provide WEC stabling as it is only 23 minutes away.We have many lodging options, horseback riding, lessons, carriage rides, RV full hookup campgrounds, stall paddock and pasture boarding, and horse hauling services for Ocala and Florida.  There is pet friendly accommodations.  Being on the horse farm is therapeutic!    We offer horse hauling and transportation for the World Equestrian Center, Wellington and all of Florida. 

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