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  • Diamond Oaks Farm

Enabling Connections to Nurture your Soul

Connections... life is all about connections - with others, with nature, with animals. Connections are the conduit for love to flow. Enabling connections is one of our key missions at the ranch. Life is so hurried and cluttered these days, which hinders the time and space needed to foster connections. Living in a beautiful setting with animals allows for life to slow down so you can savor the beauty around you. Our souls need nurturing and energizing, and nothing does that like living in the middle of a beautiful pastural setting, with horses to watch and engage with. The entire farm is fenced in, which allows parents to feel comfortable letting their children experience the farm with some independence, to allow their creativity, natural wonder and curiosity to grow. A "silver lining" to the pandemic, is allowing many parents to work from home, which enables more opportunities to connect with their children. Also, this allows the "staycation" work from home in a different setting to enrich their children while they are working, instead of their children being hooked into their electronics for hours often of necessity while the parents work. Places like the farm allow parents and children to make memories together, which allows for new and different connections between them. It also allows kids to make memories involving animals and nature that will open their eyes and their souls to the joy of the connections that forge the special memories.


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