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Day in the life on The Great Florida Cattle Drive

As published in The Gazette Ocalan Jennifer Schuck in her late evening post from the Great Florida Cattle Trail on Friday wrote: “It's hard to believe how fast this week went by. The good news is, I am no sissy. If someone told me, guess what? You get to do this for another week or longer, I'm in. Shower or no shower. I think my horse Rickie would be game too. What an incredible experience we all have had. It takes an army of people to put this together and I am so grateful to you all that made this happen. I am grateful for my family and support crew at home that made it possible for me to be here. This week I have met the most amazing and fun people that share the same passion. We are living out history and seeing this beautiful state of Florida from the backs of our horses, trailing cattle. Tonight, at dinner, the most interesting thing came up. The biggest supporters of this drive are the Seminole Tribe of Florida. The very people the settlers took the land and cattle away from... The Seminoles are cattle people and participated in organized cattle ranching since the 1740's. I enjoyed the program tonight recognizing these proud people and hearing their music and stories. Wow I am tired and need rest for our final journey to the Trails End Frolic.”


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